Around the World: India

Around the World: India 1.0

Bring a nice mystic Indian scene to your desktop with this screensaver

India is one of the most mystical and fascinating places in the world. This screensaver brings a beautiful Indian scenery right to your desktop. It features a wonderful landscape with a river and a cascade as the perfect background for a series of temples and statues of Indian gods. The animated effects of the program show the scenery at different hourы of the day; thus, you can see the same scenery at night, early in the morning and even in a rainstorm. You can adjust the program to show the flow of the time in an accelerated manner, or in real time. In the real time mode, the screensaver will show light effects of the actual hour in your computer's clock. The program also includes pleasant music and sound effects, whose volume can be adjusted too.

The installation wizard downloads and installs the AstroGemini Screensaver Manager, from which you can manage all your AstroGemini software and enter the settings of each screensaver. The trial version of the program shows a 'nag screen' after one minute of working, so if you want to get rid of it, you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice graphics and effects


  • Only one scene
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